Glamping Pod Rental - Terms and Conditions

Please note - We only rent our glamping pods to businesses and at business premises.

We currently do not rent to private individuals and we don't rent our pods out for use at private residences.

What do you need to have in place before renting pods?

  • You'll need your glamping site to be ready for business before we deliver the pods. This means that you'll need to have toilet and shower facilities up and running as well as electrical-hookups ready to use (if using).

  • When we are satisfied that everything is in place, we will arrange a site visit for which we charge £200. This is for us to confirm that the above two conditions have been met and everything is as agreed. When the rental goes ahead and the contract is signed, this money will be refunded as a deduction from your first invoice (first three months rent and delivery charges.)

How the Contract Works


  • Pods are rented out on a 12 month contract.

  • The first three months rental is to be paid up front at the time of signing the contract

  • The two parties will then agree a delivery date, when the pods will be delivered and fitted.

  • A delivery charge may apply, depending on your location and number of pods ordered, although we try to keep delivery costs as low as possible. Please ask for a delivery quote.

  • Three months after the delivery date, Glampods will start taking payment by direct debit of the monthly amount for the next nine months. Setting up the direct debit is mandatory, and the glamping pods will not be delivered until this is completed.

  • Towards the end of the twelve month contract, the renters will have a choice of:

    • Ending the contract, at which point, Glampods will arrange to dismantle and remove the glamping pods. No further payments will be taken.

    • Entering a rolling contract, extending this contract indefinitely, until one months notice is given by either party to end the contract.

  • We may wish to perform a credit check on your business before entering into a contract, to be paid by Glampods.

  • The rental pods will not be delivered on site until the following three conditions have been met:

    • We have received the contract back, signed and dated by the proprietor/manager of the business.

    • We have received cleared funds for the first 3 months rental + delivery charges.

    • We have received verification that the direct debit has been set up, ready to start taking monthly rental payments 3 months after the delivery date. (The direct debit form is sent to you by email where it is filled in and submitted online.)


Your Resposibilities as Renters


  • To meet all rental payments as per agreement

  • To prepare suitable groundwork for the rented glamping pods, prior to the delivery and fitting scheduled by Glampods. The most important consideration is that the land each pod is to go on is as level as possible. We can fit the pods on grass, but we highly recommend a more sturdy base, such as slabs, a concrete pad or gravel.

  • To arrange for any campsite license required by law, and to speak to your local authority regarding any planning permission required before placing an order.

  • To arrange for suitable insurance to cover the glamping pods in case of fire, theft, vandalism or accidental damage. It is the renters responsibility to cover the costs of damage to the pods during the rental period. ( General wear and tear such as scrapes and scuffs will be repaired free of charge by Glampods during scheduled maintenance.)

  • To inform Glampods, upon discovery of any problems with the pods that would require their immediate attention such as:

    • Electrical problems

    • Broken windows

    • Damage to the pod walls, floor or roof as well as roofing materials.

    • Leaks.

  • To maintain the glamping pods on a day to day basis, keeping them clean and tidy. Also to include:

    • Checking the smoke alarms regularly and replacing the batteries as needed.

    • Checking outside and inside lights and replacing any batteries and bulbs as needed.


Glampods Resposibilities as Rentees


  • To deliver and fit the glamping pods at a date and time to be agreed between both parties.

  • To visit the renters location every 12 months while the glamping pods are under rental for the purpose of carrying out repairs and general maintenance to the pods. The exact date the maintenance will occur will be agreed by both parties approximately 1 month before it falls due. This maintenance will cover:

    • Cleaning the outside of the pods, removing any mud or mildew.

    • Restaining wood and touching up paintwork as necessary.

    • Repairing and filling any minor scuffs or chips.

    • Inspecting the interior of the pod and repairing or replacing any of the bed frames and supplied furnishings if necessary.

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