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What Sort of Base Does my Glamping Pod Need?

The most important consideration when preparing your land for a glamping pod is that the ground is as level as possible. This will ensure that your pod can be fitted correctly from the start and you won't encounter any problems such as doors not closing properly or leaks which could occur as a result of the slope.

Fitting a pod straight onto grass or soil is not recommended. The floor of your pod needs adequate airflow underneath. Over time the floor would sink into the ground and would start to rot as a result of the groundwater and bad airflow.

The best base you could have would be either a concrete pad or slabs. A gravel base would also be suitable but the general rule is, the harder and more durable the base, the better. You should speak to a reputable builder if you decide to go for this option.

It is also acceptable to fit a glamping pod on a tanalised wooden base frame. Tanalised timber is pressure treated to give it a much longer life than natural, untreated wood, and will last around 30 years outside. This serves to form a rot-proof barrier between the ground and the glamping pod and is the next best foundation if a concrete, slab or gravel base is not an option.

Glampods can supply a tanalised base frame for your pod. Current prices are £100 for a 3 person pod and £150 for a family pod. Please let us know when ordering if you'd like us to supply one.

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